FMAM 2019 Annual General Meeting

On March 14th 2019 the Financial Markets Association Malta held its Annual General Meeting at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana, Malta.
The meeting was chaired by the Association Board President Massimo Ciarla which, with the aid of the Association Secretary Simone Bettanzana and the Treasurer Nicholas Bennet, informed the members present at the event about the relevant actions undertaken during year 2018 and the ongoing projects regarding the expansion of the Association locally and in connection with other countries’ entities which share the same purposes and values of FMAM.
Particular emphasis was given to the educational projects of the Association, which is working on the possibility to deliver recognized qualifications to its members who will enjoy special access conditions.
The Board also informed the members regarding the first release of the new website, which went online during at the beginning of March, and which completed the set of online tools comprising channels on all most relevant social media.
Members where then informed about the financial administration of the Association and the internal auditors were appointed as per rules set forth by the Association Statute.
The meeting then continued with a presentation delivered by Roberto d’Ambrosio, member of the Board of the Association, which delivered a brief economic outlook for year 2019.
Starting from the most important topics which impacted global growth and the financial markets in 2019, Roberto elaborated on his views regarding the upcoming quarters, following an original approach which blends fundamental and technical analysis, focusing on particular elements which are not often analysed by economic mainstream media.
The presentation was followed by an intense Q&A session during which Fmam members interacted with Roberto, discussing further insights based on their own particular professional knowledge and experience.
After the Q&A session, a stand-up reception was held which constituted a valuable moment of networking during which FMAM members reinforced their personal and professional ties

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